Our fascination with building skyscrapers taller than ever before continues to accelerate globally at an unprecedented pace. While architects and developers can dream big, are they giving due consideration to the comfort of the occupants and the complex issues that are inherent to placing a manmade structure above the cloud line?

A whitepaper has been released by innovative steel building systems manufacturer Studco, focused on the unexpected issues of high-speed wind loading on skyscraper construction. While structurally sound overall, wind associated forces can spell consequences for the internal structure in the form of structure-borne noise. High-rise construction: eliminating internal noise annoyance examines this issue in depth, focusing specifically on the relationship between skyscraper design, acoustics and the natural phenomenon of vortex shedding.

The whitepaper examines the causes of vortex shedding, and how contemporary building practices have exacerbated this issue and similar. It goes on to connect these issues to the matter of occupant comfort and how wind-induced vibrations and the subsequent structure-borne noise can affect those within a building, before looking at how to eliminate the wind-induced issues.

The whitepaper is free to download and comes with additional information on Studco Building Systems and a recent case study exploring the aforementioned issue of vortex shedding and how it was dealt with.

For more information on skyscraper acoustics and eliminating wind-induced noise, download the whitepaper here.