Leading Australian skylight company Skydome Skylight Systems has extended their ventilation range with the addition of a new solar powered roof extraction fan.

The Solar Powervent is part of Skydome’s range of motorised and wind-driven ventilation products designed to meet market expectations of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility,

Skydome’s solar powered roof extraction fan is designed to effectively extract hot air from the roof cavity, reducing the heat as well as the power load on air conditioning.

Key features of Skydome's Solar Powervent include 10 or 20 watt multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic collector with a 10-year warranty, mounted on top of the extraction unit; 38.2 VDC Pittman motor located in the solid aluminium housing for protection during severe weather conditions; powerful extraction via a 5-wing aluminium fan blade with two options – 12-inch diameter for the 10 watt motor and 14-inch diameter for the 20 watt motor; and secured to the roof with a durable one piece seamless powder-coated flashing, eliminating leaks.

On installation, photovoltaic cells in the Solar Powervent are exposed and angled towards the sunlight. The unit will operate constantly and silently during daylight hours, continuously extracting hot air from the roof cavity and keeping the room cool.