Marriott Hotels has embarked on an energy efficiency mission across their hotels in Europe. The global hotel chain aims to achieve substantial savings by reducing energy consumption without compromising guest comfort.

A leader in the tourism industry for over 80 years and one of the world’s largest hotel chains, the Marriott group includes nearly 3,900 hotels and 18 brands in 72 countries.

Looking to achieve several sustainable objectives, Marriott’s energy efficiency program, which covers 15 hotels initially, aims to reduce water and electricity use by 20 percent until 2020, and cut carbon dioxide emissions at every location by 10 percent. 

The program involves performing an onsite audit, determining individual measurement criteria and optimising the building management systems and processes according to these criteria. Once the optimisation work has been completed, Siemens energy experts will remotely monitor and optimise energy consumption data on an ongoing basis.

Green building monitors will also be deployed, allowing employees and guests to view current energy consumption and thus raise their awareness of energy-efficient behaviour.

Five of the selected hotels have even more comprehensive measures related to energy efficiency and performance contracting in place including energy efficiency services powered by Navigator, the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform from Siemens. The cooperation is extended to advisory services such as the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which will help them fulfil Europe’s strict new regulations.

Marriott’s energy efficiency program is already showing promising results. The Charles de Gaulle Airport Marriott Hotel in France piloted the energy efficiency project and was able to cut its energy costs by 15 percent as well as CO2 emissions by 15 percent with Siemens’ help.

Siemens also implemented the program in 15 other European Marriott hotels. Against an overall investment of approximately EUR 3 million, the potential savings are more than EUR 1 million per year, offering Marriott an average payback time of less than 3 years.