The X-GLOO from SI Retail is adding an 8x8 metre tent to it's existing range of unique event tents. Already available at 4x4,5x5 and 6x6 the 8x8 X-GLOO will be almost 8m wide and 5m high which makes it ideal for big events in or outdoors, marketing actions or campaigns and large scale roadshows.

With the arrival of the 8x8 X-GLOO there come some benefits. It will now become possible for much higher displays so large vehicles and even construction equipment could be introduced. In the summer months, the tent will provide more shade and can also be a great black canvas for events that feature a creative use of lighting.

The 8x8 event tent sets new standards when it comes to advertising. With a 33.54m2  surface on the side walls and a 25m2 printable area on the roof, advertisers can now use either sewn applications or screen printings over a much larger surface area.

The X-GLOO 8x8 is also made from the same materials so clients can be assured that the event tent meets the same quality and standards as the existing range. This also means that the 8x8 tent is also practical and easy to handle when constructing.