SI Retail 's new glass cubing display system is ideal for instore displays. These shelving systems are an effective way of displaying products instore, yet still appear inviting to customers.  

They’re stylish and modern and can be used as:
  • window displays
  • wall displays 
  • freestanding displays in the middle of the store 
Key features of SI Retail's glass cube displays:
  • 400mm (w) x 400mm (h)
  • 5 mm thick glass panels and the alloy connectors
  • choose from pre-designed kits or purchase cubes separately to create a customised configurations
  • neat and smart looking glass panels
The satin chrome connectors, which tighten onto the glass sheets to hold the configuration in place, adds to the professional appearance of the instore display.   

SI Retail’s glass displays allow products to be more visible and allow the storage multiple items, effectively acting as a display and a storage space in one.  

These glass shelves look particularly effective when the products on display are arranged by colour or pattern, so linen stores and homeware stores would especially benefit from them.