Sekisui Foam Australia presents a unique insulation system for pipes used in solar water heater systems.

Solar water heaters are increasingly available in powerful models designed to reduce carbon emissions. These powerful water heaters can generate temperatures in excess of 150ºC.

Australian regulations require all pipes running to and from water heaters to be insulated. However, these powerful new solar water heaters have the ability to melt standard insulations.  

Thermobreak solar foam insulation has been specifically designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 150ºC and can also be installed outdoors.

Consisting of polyester fibre processed from recycled PET bottles, Thermobreak solar insulation offers superior insulating properties, can withstand high temperatures and is UV resistant.

Key benefits of Thermobreak solar foam insulation:

  • Working temperature of 160ºC with spikes of 190ºC
  • Withstands long term outdoor exposure to high water temperatures encountered in solar heating applications
  • Heat resistant layer of needle punched polyester fabric
  • Flexible, tough and durable
  • Excellent compression resistance due to cross linked foam structure
  • Superior insulating properties compared to other flexible closed cell foams
  • Superior UV resistance compared to PVC nitrile elastomeric foams and EPDM foams
  • Contains up to 50% recycled content by weight