Technical and acoustic reasons dictate the use of an interlayer between the timber and the structural floor construction in parquet and wooden strip floor constructions in new buildings and renovations.
Commonly used thick materials cannot be used in some circumstances due to limitations in room height and humidity problems.

Softlon floating timber flooring acoustic underlays are an ideal separation layer between the structural floor and new timber floors. These thin, elastic, lightweight underlays are easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Available from Sekisui Foam Australia, these acoustic underlays absorb unevenness in the sub floor while providing a water vapour barrier and impact sound insulation

Other benefits of the Softlon acoustic underlay include:

  • Twin skin for superior waterproofing
  • Excellent tear, tensile and compression strength
  • Absorb unevenness in base floor
  • Excellent thickness tolerance
  • High thermal stability
  • Inert, they do not deteriorate or mildew
  • Can be walked on during laying
  • Australian made to AS/NZS ISO 9002