Sekisui Foam Australia manufactures various types of foams with a number of industrial applications. Softlon and Evalon,  are physically cross linked, closed cell polyethylene foams available in rolls and sheets. Softlon and Evalon also have vacuum formability, flame retardation properties and thermal stability.

Lighton is an extrusion type polyethylene foam from Sekisui Foam Australia available in tubes, rods and other forms. This foam is CFC free; has dimensional stability against compression and expansion; and has water proofing abilities. Lighton foams are used in interior wall joints, window glazing seals, furniture piping, packaging and bedding.

Sekisui Foam Australia makes use of in house lamination facilities on a variety of films, adhesives and fabrics to produce specific composites. These foams can be cut to different shapes through strip cutting, die cutting and slitting.

Thermobreak is an insulation material from Sekisui Foam Australia made from polyolefin foam. It is available in rolls, sheets and tubes. This material has insulating properties, low thermal conductivity, and low vapour transmission rate. It is also tested for fire performance, vapour permeability, smoke density, and toxicity. Thermobreak is used in roof, duct, underslab, floor, AC unit and acoustic insulations and for general thermal insulation. Thermobreak is odour free, resistant to fungi and chemicals, and environmentally friendly.

Zotefoams are another kind of foam distributed by Sekisui Foam Australia. This foam is energy absorbent, inert, light weight, flexible, resilient, water and chemical resistant, easily fabricated and has a wide working temperature range. It is mainly used in the packaging industry and by the military.