Tile roof anchors from Super Anchor Safety are permanent fall arrest anchors designed for concrete and terracotta tile roofs.

Complying with AS 1891, these tile roof anchors are made from 14 Ga. domestic stainless steel and are 15kN rated for fall arrest. They are permanently installed on concrete or clay tile roofs and fit 100 x 50, 100 x 150, or 200 x 50 rafters or trusses.

Featuring a patented stem design that reduces shock load during a fall, these tile roof anchors are designed for use with EPDM aluminum flashing and stem covers and have an extended stem length for clearance of spanish style tiles.

These tile roof anchors are suitable for single person use only and are supplied with a full instruction manual.

Super Anchor Safety supplies their tile roof anchors in a single pack or a six pack. The single pack includes one of each of the following, and the six pack includes six of each of the following:

  • tile roof anchors
  • EPDM aluminum flashing
  • fastener kits
  • tether
  • black stem cover (NOT INCLUDED IN SIX PACK)
  • instructions.