Star City Casino have created an outdoor poker machine area, but needed to protect patrons and gaming machines from wind blown rain and sun. The Seashell awning from Seashell Industries was used to address this issue.

Star City were initially presented with the challenge of quickly covering an area of around 90sqm over a balcony area immediately adjacent to their covered outdoor gaming area. Star City needed a suitable awning that complimented the modern architecture and was also strong, durable, weatherproof and quick to implement.

Three SeaShell awnings were installed, all in a 180 degree semi-circle configuration and were fixed to a curved concrete lintel above. Being fixed to the wall at a single point, there was no need for supporting structures to disrupt the outdoor area.

The SeaShell awning is certified to W50 under Australian Standard AS4055-1992, and can withstand gale force winds greater than 65kmh. In even higher winds, the SeaShell awning quickly self retracts to protect itself from damage. SeaShell awnings are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shape configurations and colours.