The SafetyLink retro mounted roof anchor is an abseiling and fall arrest anchor point designed for use on metal roofing and steel purlin structures.

Designed for simple installation without requiring access from the underside of the roof, SafetyLink’s RetroLink roof anchors feature a 316 stainless steel construction, are rated at 15kN, and comply with AS/NZS 1891.4 EN 795, CEN/TS 16415, and AS/NZS 5532 standards.

The single person anchor is recommended for use on metal roofs or steel purlin structures, and fits to the pan of the roof sheeting. The energy absorbing anchor can be used for abseiling.

The patented RetroLink can be installed onto a metal C or Z purlin, where no access is available from underneath the roof.

Some of the advantages of RetroLink roof anchors include simple installation into concealed areas; perfect fitting to steel columns and beams with no access required; high versatility with ability to accommodate any 16mm threaded component; and unobtrusive design requiring no special tooling for installation with minimal penetration to the roof sheeting.