Zhongcai Profiles Co. Ltd. of Zhejiang, China turned to Sabic Innovative Plastics™ when they needed an advanced materials solution to manufacture colour-rich, high-performance window profiles for their building and construction customers.  

The company found their solution in Geloy XTW resin, a high-end acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) resin developed by Sabic Innovative Plastics that has become the standard for excellence in co-extruded window profiles, gutters, siding and roofing for the building and construction industry.  

Available in a wide range of colours, when used as a cap layer over PVC and other materials, Geloy XTW ASA resin maintains its colour and gloss up to 10 times better than competitive products.  

Li Yugen, general manager, Zhongcai Profiles says that their highly weatherproof profiles made with Geloy XTW ASA resin extruded over PVC are a great success with their customers.  

Yugen adds that Geloy XTW ASA resins provide outstanding weathering performance and resistance to discolouration for extended service life, helping Zhongcai Profiles become the third-largest profile manufacturer in China.  

Sustainability and Competitive Differentiation  

Sustainability is another key reason why Zhongcai Profiles switched to Geloy XTW resin. China’s goals to reduce carbon footprint, conserve energy and promote recycling are better served with co-extruded Geloy XTW/PVC resin profiles than with aluminium.  

Plastic window profiles provide better insulation than aluminium, helping to prevent loss of heat from buildings. Additionally, the recyclable resins also provide long useful life to conserve resources.  

Using Geloy XTW resin and by offering a differentiated product with improved aesthetics, performance and weather resistance, Zhongcai Profiles plans to take advantage of China’s projected 30 percent annual growth in the window profiles market.  

Jos Braat, global Geloy resin product marketing director, SABIC Innovative Plastics says that Geloy XTW resin takes weatherable resin technology far beyond conventional ASAs to achieve a high balance of aesthetics and performance.  

Braat adds that the material offers a near perfect solution for modern residential construction requirements with advantages such as fresh aesthetics, long useful life and low maintenance.  

Geloy XTW ASA resin technology offers total weather protection  

Geloy XTW ASA resin incorporates technology that significantly improves weathering performance while maintaining ductility and ease of processing.  

Compared to traditionally used ASAs, this high-performance material holds its true colour as much as 10 times more effectively.   

With its ability to withstand ultraviolet light, moisture, extreme temperature, chemicals and environmental pollutants, the innovative resin technology plays an important role in creating and maintaining the aesthetic value of residential property.  

Geloy XTW ASA resins are available in a wider range of colours than standard ASA grades and include copper shades, low-gloss material, earth tones as well as bright chromatic colours.   

Geloy XTW ASA resins can be co-extruded over PVC as well as ABS material. The resins can accommodate complex window profile designs and deliver excellent impact resistance.  

Other building and construction applications for Geloy XTW ASA resins include doors, fences, wall panels as well as pool and spa parts.  

Zhongcai Profiles is considering expanding its use of the resin into co-extruded PVC pipes.