A wide range of bike rack solutions is available from RUD with all the advantages of German design including ergonomics, stylish looks, innovative design elements and space-saving flexibility.  

Changes to the Queensland Development Code being finalised currently specify the compulsory inclusion of secure bike racks, lockers and showers in all new buildings larger than 2,000m².   

Offering various options to meet the expected demand for bike racks, RUD’s solutions come with various benefits such as long life-span, high quality and practical design.  

Bicycle parking systems from RUC come with a 10-year anti-rust guarantee. The bike racks are made from precision steel tubes with a 350 micron environment-friendly Rislan coating, which is derived from the castor oil plant.   

The bike racks are available in a number of standard colour options as well as custom designer colours.  

A patented anti-graffiti coating offers additional protection against graffiti and vandalism, allowing any paint or pen mark to be simply wiped away using a biodegradable cleaner. Even stickers can be effortlessly removed.  

A key advantage for users of these stylish bike racks is the plastic frame clamp that holds each bicycle in the correct parking position securely, ensuring that it is not scratched by the metal of the bike rack or other bikes secured to the racks.