Stone tiles are a popular choice among customers at the RMS Marble stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Though mainly used in outdoor applications, stone tiles are increasingly being preferred indoors.

According to RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics, stone tiles are highly versatile in application and can be used just about anywhere in the house, especially in the bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. The earthy vibe of stone tiles is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to install them indoors.

Not many people know that stone tiles actually consist of five different types of tiles – marble, slate, sandstone, limestone and travertine. RMS stocks four out of the five types of stone tiles at their Sydney and Melbourne locations. Stone tiles are also being used creatively as borders with ceramic wall tiles.

Stone tiles are great for livening up any room that may be looking dull. Their versatility extends to their use on floors as well as walls, expanding the different ways one can use them in the home.

Once the decision has been made in favour of stone tiles, RMS advises homeowners to have them installed directly onto a concrete base. Plywood is the next best option if a concrete base is not possible. Some of these tiles may also need to be backfilled. Stone tiles are thick, and may require some doors to be modified to account for the increased height of the new stone floor.