Every homeowner seeks a unique look in their homes and tiles are one of the ways to achieve this distinction.

When selecting tiles for the house, decisions are made based on the homeowner’s personal preferences. For instance, marble tiles may suit the needs of people who look for a neat and high quality finish. Those who seek a custom look that exudes a certain level of authenticity as well as a striking aesthetic would want to consider travertine tiles.

Although travertine tiles are made of natural stone such as limestone, marble or granite, they stand apart for their formation, hardness and overall appearance. Formed in hot springs or limestone caves, travertine is characterised by the holes within the stone, which is caused by carbon dioxide evasion. The presence of holes is also an indicator of its quality - the more holes there are, the lesser is its overall quality.

Premium travertine tiles have a small number of holes while commercial travertine tiles have more holes. However, both categories of tiles demand maintenance and care as the tiles are susceptible to picking up stains.

Travertine tiles can be further customised with unique patterns such as the French pattern set in different colours.

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics stocks an excellent selection of travertine tiles from the pale white Italian Bianco Navona through to the deep chocolate brown of Noce travertine.