Calacatta marble is synonymous with luxurious living and is the material of choice for top end designers and builders, especially when designing for the finest resorts and hotels in the world.

According to RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics, calacatta marble comes in a wide range of options with varying prices and therefore, must be chosen carefully.

Expensive owing to its rarity, calacatta marble is a beautiful natural stone and is mined only at a few locations in the world. Calacatta marble draws comparisons with Carrara; though both are luxury stones, calacatta is rarer in occurrence.

Calacatta marble features sublime veining on a white background, the distinctive veining varying from greyish to golden tones and presenting a different look every day. Cleaning the luxury stone, however, can be a chore, requiring warm water and a cloth but is more than worth the effort.

Homeowners selecting calacatta marble are, rest assured, bringing luxury into their property and helping create a lasting impact on the overall feel of the house.