Architect Ryan Moody chose a nature-inspired material palette for a new home in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Moody’s architectural masterpiece is perfectly suited to its seaside location on the sand dunes of the ocean beach and nestled among native trees.

Using natural materials such as stone, timber and glass, Moody was able to meet the client’s desire for a classic and timeless home. The stone elements are particularly fitting for the coastal environment: The freshly quarried Amande Limestone from Rhodes Architectural Stone was used for the internal and external wall cladding, seamlessly blending with the cool beachside tones. The beautifully hand-finished stone with an intricate, fine adze texture gave the new home the appearance of having existed long before the house was built.

“It’s almost like what you would see of brick fireplaces standing alone in the countryside where an old house once stood,” comments Moody.

Rhodes Architectural Stone and Amande Limestone specifically, ticked every box from both aesthetic and practical perspectives.

“No other stone supplier can cut and supply stone to millimetre accuracy like Rhodes can,” he observed.

Amande Limestone was chosen for its durability; unlike local limestone, the stone supplied by Rhodes Architectural Stone is non-porous, so doesn’t need sealing, and is exceptionally strong.

Since the completion of this project, Moody has already recommended another Rhodes product to a new client. Thanks to the assurance of beautiful aesthetic qualities and strong technical specifications, there will be more projects with Rhodes stone products appearing on Australian soil.

Photographer: Peter Hyatt