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    Recoh-Vert Heat Recovery System

    The Recoh-vert is the only waste water heat recovery system available in Australia. This revolutionary system can reclaim up to 60% of the heat from grey water that would normally be lost down the drain during a shower and greatly reduces your C02 emissions at the same time.

    The waste water from the shower or any appliance that needs a constant supply of hot water runs through a copper heat exchanger. The heat from the waste water transfers to the clean fresh water on it’s way to the hot water heater. As a result this pre-heating process greatly reduces the energy used by the hot water heater during normal operation.

    The Recoh-vert is a copper counter flow heat exchanger and works in a cycle. Hot waste water from the shower drains through the shower tray and into the waste pipe system.

    Recoh-vert is installed as part of the waste system. As hot waste water passes through the inner bore (grey side) of the heat exchanger, cold mains water is delivered simultaneously through the gap between the inner and outer copper pipe.

    Heat exchange takes place and the cold mains water is pre-warmed to a temperature around 25 degrees Celsius before being delivered to the hot water heater and the shower mixer tap’s cold water feed. This means the water heater uses much less energy to heat the water to the required level.

    The system can be installed in two main configurations. A single Recoh-vert mainly for residential buildings or in a larger bank of 4, 6 or 8 heat exchangers that make up the Recoh-multivert. This type of installation is suitable for larger commercial applications such as hotels, apartments and leisure facilities.

    Recoh Heat Recovery System Sustainability Attributes:
    • Recyclable
    • Reduces energy consumption
    • Production waste is recyclable
    • Reduces heating or cooling load
    • Packaging is reduced
    • Designed for disassembly
    • Reduces heat loss
    • WaterMark Certified
    Key Benefits of the Recoh Heat Recovery System:
    • Ideal for new builds
    • Reduces power bills
    • Low cost, high quality
    • Maintenance free
    • Easy installation
    • Reclaims up to 60% of heat lost from waste water
    • Works all year round
    • Is not aspect dependent
    • Can work in conjunction with solar hot water systems
    • Multiple units can be combined for commercial appliances such as pools and hotels
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