As the number of high-rise commercial and multi-residential developments in Australia continues to increase, designers and builders are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of acoustic management. Increasingly complex networks of pipes, valves, fans, and ductwork have elevated overall noise levels, which are exacerbated by high-density occupancy, compact floor plans, and the prevalence of lightweight construction materials. As a consequence, designers and builders are now seeking innovative acoustic measures that minimise noise from waste pipes and general plumbing.

One such measure is pipe wrap, a protective sheath that encloses pipes and protects them from damage in addition to providing enhanced acoustic and fire resistance performance. There is a wide variety of pipe wrap products on the market, though their performance varies significantly between model and manufacturer. Produced by acoustic and thermal insulation specialists Pyrotek, Soundlag 4525C is the ideal pipe wrap solution for high-density projects requiring a high level of continuous, reliable acoustic protection against noise breakout.

Soundlag 4525C is comprised of two main components: a high-density 5kg/m2 flexible acoustic barrier bonded to 25mm thick flexible convoluted foam. The foam breaks the vibration path of sound waves and enables acoustic decoupling between the acoustic barrier and the noise energy travelling through the pipe, resulting in consistent acoustic insulation that is unmatched by competing products. Convoluted foam is non-fibrous, meaning that it is resistant to moisture-damage and offers an extended service life. This durability is matched by Soundlag 4525C’s exterior: the external face of the acoustic barrier is bonded to a thin aluminium foil, which ensures a robust surface finish that is resistant to fire and damage caused by regular use and wear and tear.

Thanks to its polymer-based construction, Soundlag 4525C has a high degree of flexibility that allows it to wrap around even low diameter pipes with ease and accuracy. The pipe wrap has no material memory, and conforms to every bend and angle with ease and no permanent creasing or deformation. Suitable for high density HDPE and HDPP pipe systems alike, the high performance insulation has over 20 years of proven success, and can reduce noise in waste water pipes and hydraulics by up to 25 dBA.

Far outstripping the acoustic management capabilities of competing products, Soundlag 4525C pipe wrap has a 6-star rating from the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), which has deemed it suitable for use in apartments and townhouses. The high performance lagging system is also fully compliant with the stringent requirements of BCA Section F5.6 – Habitable room with 10mm plasterboard and no insulation and BCA Section F5.6 – Non-habitable room without a ceiling. 

Soundlag 4525C’s exceptional acoustic insulation properties are backed by extensive research and independent testing, and are accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard. With a low VOC emission rate of 0.08mg/m2/hour, Soundlag 4525C is well below the recognised threshold of 0.5mg/m2/hour, and is free of oils and bitumen that cause odours or irritation.

Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C pipe wrap has also been tasted for flammability in accordance with AS 1530 Part 3 1999 – Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures and achieved a ‘0’ result for ignitability, spread of flame, and heat evolved indices. The pipe wrap also achieved a low ‘1’ result in the smoke developed category, and has demonstrated performance at a maximum continuous operating temperature of 100ºC and maximum intermittent operating temperature of 120ºC.

The combination of its unrivalled acoustic performance, high degree of fire resistance, design flexibility, and easy, cost-efficient installation makes Soundlag 4525C the most widely specified product by leading acoustic and electrical, mechanical, and plumbing consultants. Pyrotek Soundlag products are backed by a ten-year warranty for assured, consistent performance and can be easily recognised by the Soundlag logo, which is clearly embossed on the aluminium facing.

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