Protective Coatings Australia specialise in applying a wide range of protective coatings and safety coatings. Protective Coatings Australia offer their services to the commercial, industrial and civil sectors. After being in the protective coating business for many years, Protective Coatings Australia have in-depth knowledge on coating application techniques.

Protective Coatings Australia provide all types of coating solutions required for different substrates. Protective Coatings Australia provide a wide range of coating applications that include anti graffiti coatings and graffiti removal, slip resistant coatings, chemical resistant coatings, impact resistant coatings, thermal shock resistant coatings, anti bacterial coatings and light reflective coatings.

Protective Coatings Australia also carry out bund and tank linings, waterproofing, abrasion resistant coatings, anti static coatings, moisture barriers, invisible glass coatings, stainless steel coatings, tile and grout coatings, anti tyre squeal for car parks, potable water coatings, containment systems, metal protection, impregnators and UV resistant coatings.

In addition to the applications, Protective Coatings Australia can also handle roofing systems, aesthetic commercial flooring, commercial and industrial painting, saline protection and asbestos encapsulation.

Protective Coatings Australia offer their protective coating services throughout Australia. Their services also cover offshore islands within the commercial, industrial and civil markets.