Projex Group has launched their first radio campaign for their Koster Remedial Waterproofing products with 2GB’s (873AM) Home Improvement Show. Every Sunday, listeners of the Home Improvement Show can tune in to learn more about the Koster waterproofing products.

The objective of the campaign is to inform listeners about the solutions available for rectifying problematic water leaks and salt staining/efflorescence on tiles and masonry. A special number has been activated by Projex Group for customers that want to place an order for a Koster waterproofing product.

The Koster KD System and Polysil TG 500 are waterproofing products that will interest tradesmen, strata managers and DIY handymen alike.

The Koster KD System seals against pressurised and running water from the negative side. The Koster KD System is environmentally friendly, convenient and can easily fix leaking car parks, basements, cellars, water tanks and swimming pools.

The Polysil TG500 is ideally used to solve problems such as salt staining to tiles, slab ends and cement render leaching. On salt-containing and on damp substrates, the Polysil TG500 leads to a reduction of the pore volume, which decreases the danger of new development of salt efflorescence. The Polysil TG500 is a proven solution that also increases the chemical and mechanical resistance of masonry substrates.

To listen to Projex Group’s radio campaign, tune in to the Home Improvement Show on 2GB every Sunday from 9am to 11am.