A new white paper by Premium Floors underlines the need for specifiers to consider the environmental and durability aspects of wood flooring when specifying for their projects.

Given the increasing number of suppliers of wood flooring in the Australian market, specifiers are presented with a world of choice, and having to choose the right product for their project can be challenging.

Apart from colour, specifiers will also have to consider environmental and technical factors such as recycled content, sustainability and lacquer durability. They have to be confident that the wood has been sourced from certified forests and harvested in a sustainable manner. In terms of durability, the specifier should have the assurance that the selected engineered floor has a durable surface layer that will stand up to the rigors of today’s modern lifestyle.

Premium Floors obtains its timber through legal harvesting methods; the European oak used in the brand’s engineered wood flooring, for instance, is sourced from sustainably managed resources. Most of the wood floor ranges are PEFC certified, and the company carries full Chain of Custody Certification (COC) for the PEFC program.

Premium Floors’ wood flooring also contains approximately 60% recycled content.

Since Premium Floors controls the entire manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product, it’s able to introduce new innovations at each step. The company-owned manufacturing facilities ensure product uniformity and consistent quality.

Premium Floors uses a high quality European lacquer for its engineered timber flooring. The company’s S.R.T. (Scratch Resistant Technology) comes from seven layers of UV-cured lacquer applied to every board to ensure maximum protection against wear and tear, and abrasions. By specifying and installing Premium Floors’ engineered timber flooring, one can be assured of a durable floor.

Premium Floors advises designers and specifiers to select a quality manufacturer or supplier based on their experience with, and strong technical understanding of engineered wood flooring; design capabilities; and local stock. The company should also be a ‘full package’ provider, which means it should be able to provide the flooring as well as the acoustic underlay and all trims and profiles.

Premium Floors has the largest stocked range of wood flooring in Australia as well as a full design service for non-standard requirements. The company has a presence in every Mainland State of Australia, offering the full package for timber, laminate, cork and bamboo flooring.

Premium Floor’s white paper ‘Choosing sustainable and durable engineered wood flooring’ can be accessed online.