Premium Floors Australia announces the release of the new Balance Click collection to Quick-Step’s Livyn floors range. Designed to look like real wood, the new Balance Click collection takes the vinyl flooring industry to a new level of perfection.

A vinyl flooring range that can hardly be distinguished from genuine wood, the all-new Balance Click collection features designs in a variety of looks and a palette of fascinating hues ranging from light to dark shades. Quick-Step’s Balance Click combines the look and feel of natural wood with all the practical benefits of vinyl flooring including underfoot warmth, waterproof finish, durability and sound absorbance.

The Livyn Balance Click collection represents the future of flooring where a genuine wooden floor is no longer a must-have, with true-to-life imitations of natural materials rapidly conquering the industry. Quick-Step heightens the realistic effect by ensuring that the characteristics and colour of the deeply milled grooves perfectly match the design of the plank. The Balance Click collection presents vinyl planks in a highly realistic wood design.

Vinyl flooring offers several advantages over traditional wood floors including ease of maintenance, and replicates the same look and appeal at an affordable price. Vinyl flooring is exceptionally thin, simplifying installation on top of an old, existing floor. An excellent heat conductor, vinyl is also perfectly suited to be laid over an underfloor heating or cooling system. All the Livyn floors have a consistent matte gloss finish that does not look like plastic, offering a highly realistic appeal.

The all-new Livyn Balance Click collection features the revolutionary Stainguard technology with the multi-layered UV surface treatment ensuring a durable and stain-resistant surface.

The Livyn Balance Click collection is manufactured without formaldehyde application, with the perfectly sealed surface minimising any emission of volatile organic substances, and allowing a scent-free flooring option. The use of only non-toxic plasticisers during production additionally ensures a healthy living environment. Unlike the traditional toxic plasticisers used in vinyl flooring, Quick-Step uses soy and bio based plasticisers, making the flooring completely safe for the family. The Livyn Balance Click flooring is also fully recyclable.

Quick-Step planks are fitted with the Uniclic Multifit click system that enables easy installation.

Addressing modern design trends that seek to introduce authentic craftsmanship into creations, complete with imperfections, Quick-Step has released the Artisan Planks Grey range that captures the appeal of reclaimed wood. The cracks and big knots incorporated into the design lend the floor an authentic and robust appearance. Those seeking a rustic look without the reclaimed wood look can consider Cottage Oaks and Drift Oak Beige while Quick-Step’s Silk Oak Grey Brown is recommended for lending the floor a subtle, romantic charm.

In addition to offering high stain resistance and low VOC emissions, the Livyn Balance Click collection also withstands scuff marks from rubber soles or chair and table legs, which can leave nasty black marks on the floor and are particularly difficult to remove. Balance Click’s strong, durable top coating is an ideal alternative for areas subject to intensive traffic and retains its original glossy appearance even with the passage of time.

Image: Balance Click | Cottage Oak Dark Brown