Around the world, laminate is an enduring popular choice for residential and commercial floors alike. Valued for its versatility, ease of maintenance, and resistance to impact, stains, and scratches, laminate has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Today, a new generation of laminate flooring products has been specifically engineered for performance, functionality, and beauty.

In their new whitepaper, Meet the Next Generation of Laminate Floors, flooring specialists Premium Floors demonstrate how the next generation of high tech laminate floors pose a versatile, sustainable alternative to conventional flooring materials.

To begin, the whitepaper explains what the term “laminate” means in a contemporary context, and highlights the impact of its country of manufacture on the quality of the finished product. Next, the whitepaper sets out the key characteristics that distinguish the new generation of laminate from products previously on the market, these characteristics being: a high quality appearance, durability, low maintenance requirements, water resistance, and cost efficiency. The whitepaper concludes with a summary of high quality, realistic laminate products that are engineered for water performance and a stunning natural finish.

Since 1981, Premium Floors Australia has exceeded the diverse needs of the local flooring market. Central to the introduction of laminate to the Australian market in the 1990s, the company has since earned a reputation for delivering durable, high quality flooring that combines cutting edge technology with the latest and most covetable trends in interior design.

To learn more about the next generation of high tech laminate floors and how they can enhance your next commercial or residential project, download Meet the Next Generation of Laminate Floors