Planet Green Insulation are suppliers of the following under-floor insulation products:

  • Autex Polyester batts R1.5
  • Fletcher Cosyfloor Polyester batts R1.5 and R2.0
These batts are non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-combustible. They are tied between the floor joists leaving appropriate air gaps to ensure that a proper thermal barrier is created. These under-floor insulation products will mean that the client's home is protected from extremes in temperatures under foot as well as protected from drafts. This is especially important in houses that are elevated from the ground.

It has been found that under-floor insulation can save up to 15 per cent of heat transfer within the home during the summer and winter months.

Planet Green Insulation are suppliers of the following ceiling insulation products:

  • Autex Greenstuff Polyester Insulation batts R3.0, R3.5 and R4.0
  • Fletcher Pink Batts Fiberglass Insulation R3.0, R3.5, R4.0, R5.0 and R6.0
  • Higgins Earthwool Fiberglass Insulation batts R3.0, R3.5, R4.0, R5.0 and R6.0
Ceiling batts are supplied in pre-cut rectangles of either 430 mm or 580 mm widths which will suit most joist spacings. A well insulated roof can save the owners up to $300 on energy bills each year.

Planet Green Insulation not only supplies these under-floor and ceiling insulation products but have trained personnel that will install them as well.