Noise from waste pipes disturbs residents in buildings. One of the most common complaints in homes and multi-residential buildings, concerns is the noise from the waste pipes when drainage occurs.

PVC and other pipes radiate noise into the ceiling or wall cavity that can disturb the quiet enjoyment of homes, especially at night.

Noisebar5 Acoustic Pipe Lag flatpacks from Peace & Quiet Insulation combines 25mm convoluted acoustic foam with high performance 5kg/m2 loaded polymer barrier-foil faced.

The Building Code of Australia, BCA, have now set the standard for noise emissions from the waste pipes in buildings.

Noisebar5 Acoustic Pipe Lag flatpacks are a quick and inexpensive system designed to meet these rigorous standards. Insultape, the reinforced aluminium insulation tape, 48mm and 72mm wide x 50m long, is used to seal flatpacks.

Noisebar5 Acoustic Pipe Lag Flatpacks are precut straights, bends, traps and gully pieces that are very quick and easy to fit. This saves labour time and cost. The roll size is 3000mm x 1350mm wide. Precut “Flat Pack” parts are available for all PVC pipe and fittings.

Noisebar5 Acoustic Pipe Lag specifications and test results have achieved the BCA 2008, building code requirements.

The following are the new (May 2008) acoustic lagging test results:

  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index for PVC Pipe plus Noisebar5 LAG - Rw30 and Rw + Ctr 25, Rw (C; Ctr) 63 (-2; -7)
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index for PVC Pipe plus Noisebar5 LAG plus 10mm Plasterboard bulkhead - Rw45 Rw+Ctr40, Rw (C; Ctr)67 (-3;-8)
BCA 2008 requirements: Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw+Ctr) not less than 40 if the adjacent room is a habitable room (other than a kitchen) and 25 if the adjacent room is a kitchen or non-habitable room. Test results available on request.