Pasco Construction Solutions continued to promote the benefits of Buzon’s Pedestal system over traditional paver installation methods at DesignBUILD in Sydney last week. The third release of the pedestal system will become available later this year.

Buzon Pedestal systems can be used in conjunction with pavers, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features.

“It provides a sustainable solution because it offers easy access to the waterproofing membrane,” Steven Skilros, a Pasco representative said of the decking supports.

“Traditionally pavers are glued down and if there is a leak, plumbers would have to get builders to have the pavers ripped up to fix the leak.”

The space under the pavers and the space created by the interchangeable spacer tabs allow between 2mm to 10mm gap between pavers and align tiles so that paving lines are even. The spacer tabs also promote positive draining.

Skilros said that positive draining eliminated ponding or pools of water sitting on the paving and the empty space created by the decking supports also provides air ventilation and the ability to conceal conduits and cables for services.

The 3rd Generation BC Series Buzon Pedestal will use a new method of fixing spacer tabs to separate pavers and allow unlimited designs. The new joist and batten holder will be adjustable from 35mm to 90mm and the new slope corrector will guarantee paving and decking jobs result in a flat, even surface.

“The slope compensating device compensates for falls between 0 and 5% which means that if your balcony has a fall in it, the pedestal will ensure that the pavers are still level,” Skilros said.

Pasco is currently installing the pedestal system at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and will begin supplying the 3rd Generation BC Series Buzon Pedestal in August 2011.