Palram introduces their new Project Support team, formed with a brief to strengthen the company’s presence in large architectural projects. Palram has already established itself in the market with an impressive portfolio of projects built up over two decades and consisting of commercial centres, transportation terminals, sports facilities, industrial structures and agricultural buildings.

A newly formed department within Palram, the Project Support team will be responsible for creating awareness of the company’s wide range of products within the architectural community. Key objectives include equipping architects with the tools and knowledge required to specify Palram’s products in their designs as well as educating the market about the benefits of polycarbonate and PVC in comparison with conventional alternatives such as glass, GRP and metal.

Palram Projects will provide holistic solutions for each project in addition to consulting services in the fields of civil engineering, design and material science.

Palram Projects is expected to create a huge demand for the company’s products, helping both customers and Palram profit from the efforts.

The Palram Projects team includes Tal Furman (Chief Engineer), Omri Kamma (Project Information Specialist), Tamir Horesh (Head of Palram Projects) and Alexey Panfilov (Engineering Consultant).