Keeping walls up to 8°C cooler than regular paint, Thermablock exterior acrylic paints from OzRoll Industries are available in low sheen and satin finishes.

Thermablock exterior acrylic paint is a self priming water based acrylic that is supplied as a tint base to which the 50 Reflectacoat Tint Pac colours can be added. The paint can also be mixed to match Colorbond colours.

Tint Pacs contain specialised heat reflecting pigments that provide the thermal performance.

Ideal for a range of applications including timber, fibro, bricks and masonry, fences and sheds, Thermablock thermal protection external paint is water based and simple to apply.

Available in 5, 10 and 15 litre tins, Thermablock exterior acrylic paints are capable of covering 14-16m² per litre per coat, however, they will cover less area on rough surfaces.

Thermablock exterior acrylic paints provide a durable and flexible finish and are supplied with a 15 year warranty against flaking, blistering and peeling.