OpenShutters , established two decades ago, is an Australian company that manufactures a wide range of shutter products.

OpenShutters range of shutter products include wooden shutters, polymer shutters, vinyl shutters and metal shutters and are named as OPEN Ultimate, OPEN Plantation, OPEN Lite, OPEN Coastal, and OPEN Metel respectively.

The OPEN Ultimate is made of handcrafted Red Cedar with all the open extras. The open extras includes custom made, fine-tuned construction with a wide range of choice of shutter styles in terms of both exterior and interior use. The joints are made of Mortice and tenon joints and comes with waterproof and heat-resistant glues. The shutters comes with fine-sanded components and designed with minimal sharp corners. The Ultimate shutters has non-corrosive components and longer blades with interior paint system for UV protection. The panels are designed to classic proportions and paint finishes are free from Isocyanate and lead chemicals. The OPEN Ultimate shutter can be varnished or painted and can be customized to any shape.

Polymer shutters comes with moisture-proof properties and requires minimal maintenance, vinyl shutters offer protection against weather conditions, and metal shutters are lockable shutters that provides safety benefits.