Nover ’s partnership with furnipart from Denmark has grown since the initial showing of the furnipart range of knobs and handles at designex 2000 with sales and enquiries coming from all over Australia. “The acceptance in the interior designer market has been very pleasing,” said Ian Blackett, Nover Architectural Products Manager.

Furnipart of Denmark is constantly developing on the basis of unique design, good quality, high service levels and competitive pricing. Using several high profile and respected Danish designers to design their products keeps them in tune with timeless, current and future trends.

The range is constantly growing and Nover has expanded their range to keep up with ever changing trends, making them an obvious choice as a supplier for the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf. Furnipart fits in nicely with Nover’s knob and handle range which is one of the largest in Australia. Nover is now updating their catalogue to be available for designex 2002.

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