Nolan UDA Pty Ltd presents the new Design Centre, a new platform for designers to make the most inspired material selections for their projects.

Based on its mantra of ‘your textile partner for success’, Nolan.UDA is constantly looking to develop simple and convenient ways to help designers find the most appropriate solutions from their commercial ranges.

Nolan.UDA’s new Design Centre is a simple illustration based tool that will simulate how any product from their commercial ranges will bring the designer’s inspiration to life.

Design professionals can view their interior design concepts applying products from Nolan.UDA’s Commercial Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Acoustic Solutions and Commercial Upholstery ranges. The Design Centre will help them experiment with different materials, enabling them to visualise and select the most suitable colours, textures and solutions for their projects across commercial, education, public space, healthcare and hospitality environments.

Get started with the new Design Centre.