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    International Trading and Consulting is a leading supplier and distributor of proven surface protection products and solutions for the commercial, residential and retail sectors. International Trading and Consulting offers high performance water proofing to protective surface coatings using nanotechnology, ITC's products are engineered to protect building materials of all types including concrete, cement, fibre cement, masonry, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, stainless steel, brass, painted metals, fibre glass, glass, glazed ceramic and timber.

    ITC works closely with clients and businesses to match high quality products with real-world needs, whether that is keeping glass surfaces cleaner for longer or preventing surfaces from mineral damage, preventing secondary efflorescence and water ingress on concrete, brickwork and stone facades, ITC offers a suite of solutions for real-world problems. ITC's extensive research and development both in Australia and Europe allows us to create rigorously tested products that give the best outcomes to keep your building materials maintenance free for longer.


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