Mitchell Plastics has manufactured an acrylic sheeting which can resist abrasion up to 45 times better than regular, uncoated acrylic, making it a long lasting a durable product for interior and exterior applications. It is also 5 times more resistant to impact and shattering compared to glass. Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR) acrylic sheeting is clear with a polysilicate coating which is not only attractive but suitable for safety, optical and aesthetic projects like Marine portholes, windshields and sunroofs.

SAR acrylic sheeting weighs half of what glass does which makes it easier to handle, and lowers installation costs and time. It can be easily fitted into existing frames and can be cut and fabricated on site with the use of power tools. At just 20 millimetres maximum in thickness, SAR acrylic sheeting can transmit 93% white light compared to 66% for polycarbonate sheeting.

The acrylic sheeting comes in 3, 6, 8, 10, 15 and 20 millimetres thicknesses and the sheet sizes are either 3000 by 2000 millimetres, or 2000 by 1500 millimetres. SAR acrylic sheets can replace most glass applications and are more effective and cheaper alternative in balustrade applications. It is suitable for use as a safety glaze in school, hospitals and bus shelters; in transport applications such as aircraft and limousine windows and automotive sun roofs; and in display store fixtures such as merchandise covers and framing.