Stylish designers Washroom Washroom from Essex in the UK have created a series of beautiful Perspex shower panels for a discerning client base. Focusing on quality products which are carefully designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s requirements, Washroom Washroom turned to Perspex for quality, choice and service including the Perspex 10 year guarantee.

Perspex Luminoso is a range of stylish and hardwearing shower and toilet cubicles that have been designed for use in leisure clubs, spas, gymnasiums, hotels and other commercial areas.

The Perspex Luminoso range uses 12mm thick Perspex Frost cast acrylic sheets in Glacier Green, which have been etched on both sides of the panel to create shower and toilet cubicles that offer a combination of light and privacy.

Not limited to Perspex Glacier Green, Washroom Washroom can create individually designed and bespoke washroom installations, using any of the many colours available as well as having their own designs etched onto their chosen Perspex sheets.

For further information about Perspex shower panels is available from Mitchell Plastics .