Perspex Clear Silk cast acrylic sheeting from Mitchell Plastics is a durable, long lasting and versatile Perspex sheeting which features a 10 year warranty against use in internal and external environments. The acrylic sheeting is available in a number of sizes and thicknesses and is ideal for picture framing and signage. Perspex Clear Silk cast acrylic sheeting has an anti-reflective surface which is not only attractive but practical too. The Perspex is made from a high molecular acrylics and is more than 90% polymethyl methacrylate.

Specifically, Perspex Clear Silk sheeting comes as a clear sheet and has no flash point and an auto ignition temperature of 421 degrees Celsius. It is not explosive or oxidising, has a density of 1.19 and is insoluble in water and most organise solvents, acetone and chlorinated hydrocarbons.  The perspex sheeting has a softening point of greater than 100 degrees Celsius, will not decompose below 200 degrees Celsius, and has a solid viscosity.