Design firm, Zone Creations of London UK created display stands and plinths made from Perspex Fluorescent anti-reflective acrylic sheets at an exhibition organised to mark the 75th anniversary of the Building Centre in London.  

The exhibition celebrated 100 years of innovation in materials and Perspex was there to help with the celebrations in more ways than one.  

The ‘Materials of Invention’ exhibition looked at the most important materials to have been developed during the past 100 years, one of which was Perspex from Lucite, first developed in 1934 and also celebrating its 75th anniversary.  

Not only was Perspex featured in the exhibition, it was also used in the display itself as display bases and plinths.  

Made from 5mm thick Perspex Fluorescent Anti-Reflective Mars Red sheets and finished with chamfered edges, the display stands offered a clean modern design perfect for enhancing the product displays at the exhibition.

Perspex Fluorescent anti-reflective display stands and plinths added a distinctive edge and professional look to the whole display.

Perspex Fluorescent Anti-Reflective Mars Red acrylic sheets and other innovative products from the Perspex range are available from Mitchell Plastics in Australia.