Green walls and vertical gardens have become the go-to greening solution for buildings in space-constrained urban environments. Stainless steel tension systems and wire ropes used for green walls help create resilient, long-lasting and very strong structures while also providing the flexibility to configure various arrangements across multiple situations.

Stainless steel systems are low maintenance solutions, reducing upkeep costs over time. Stainless steel wire also has a minimalist appearance, with the trellis virtually disappearing as the plants grow, making the living wall appear to float effortlessly.

Common types of stainless steel arrangements for green walls include trellis and lines, both providing a clean look, synchronicity and, in most cases, a strong connection to the local architecture.

Trellises can be in any shape and dimension and provide the best type of support structure for multi-storeyed and commercial projects in terms of strength, robustness, flexibility and longevity.

Single aligned wires

Green wall options also include a series of single aligned wires, which can be either vertical or horizontal stainless steel wire cables. Vertical wires are well suited to twining plants, while horizontal wires can work well for scramblers. Since the connections are simple to install, wire lines can be pulled in any direction or any pattern with endless possibilities.

Single aligned wires

Diamond cross or square lattice

Diamond cross or square lattice systems are structures where cables cross over each other, providing a suitable support for climbing and scrambling plants.

Diamond cross

Composed mesh

Designed for speedy installation, composed mesh is ideal for climbers and scramblers, securing planter boxes and green wall panels as well as for wrapping structures.

Choosing your green wall system

Prior to selecting the most appropriate system for your application, you will need to invest some time in reviewing specific needs, type of greenery to be applied, the fixing structures and the type of fittings that will be used to connect everything together. It must be engineered and pre-tensioned to suit the building as well as the greenery and weight elements of the plant types.

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