MetecnoKasset from Metecno PIR has passed the new Australian Standard AS5113:2016 Fire Propagation for Exterior Walls, which came into effect from March 2018. The Australian manufactured MetecnoKasset is the first façade system to pass the AS5113, an extremely stringent code aimed at improving the safety of Australian building systems with specific pass/fail criteria.

MetecnoKasset is manufactured by Metecno PIR, part of the Australian Bondor Metecno Group. After almost a year of rigorous testing, the MetecnoKasset façade system passed AS5113 as a conforming curtain wall system for commercial and multi rise constructions.

Metecno PIR’s General Manager, Colin Richman says the system meets the highest fire safety benchmark of the Australian built environment. He explains that MetecnoKasset meets AS5113’s more stringent criteria including for falling debris and radiant heat that are not covered by European or American standards.

Mr Richman adds that MetecnoKasset can be installed from inside the building, reducing the need for perimeter scaffolding and making the fitting process safer, cheaper and faster. The façade system can reduce installation time by up to 50 percent and has saved one client over $1 million in scaffolding equipment on one project alone, he noted.

Developers of the Yorkshire Brewery Apartments in Collingwood installed MetecnoKasset as part of the conversion of the heritage-listed building into a modern 15- and 17-storey tower development.

According to Mr Richman, the new lightweight system together with a traditional installation method significantly reduced the labour costing and program times without relying on the site crane other than for floor loading. The developers were able to achieve an installation cycle of two floors per week on average, without the need for any external access.

Mr Richman, who describes the system as a breakthrough in installation methods and safety, expects a high volume of demand from architects, builders and developers.

MetecnoKasset represents a lightweight, easy to install and a more affordable alternative to tilt panels, with its narrow wall profile giving more floor space than traditional concrete tilt ups. The façade system also significantly reduces dead loads on the floor and ceiling, decreasing the impact and weight on the lower floors and the building.

MetecnoKasset’s other accreditations and testing include: AS/NZS 4284:2008 Building Façade Testing (Structural SLS, Air Infiltration, Water Penetration, Structural ULS), acoustic assessments Rw 25 to 55 and codemark certifications.

MetecnoKasset is a part of the Metecno PIR Products and Systems range, Infinite, and is now available in extensive colours and finishes for any existing and new building development.