Master Builders Association of ACT announces the launch of a new planning policy reform agenda in its Land and Planning Policy with a key objective to build a better Canberra.

Master Builders ACT Executive Director John Miller observes that building and construction is a crucial industry driving economic growth and creating jobs for Canberra residents well into the future.

Pointing out that good strategic planning is the key to better cities, Master Builders seeks to help build on the good work of the ACT Government in planning the emergence of Canberra as a genuine ‘World City’ while maintaining the amenity and quality of life available locally.

John Miller described MBA’s Land and Planning Policy as laying the future foundations of a planning regime that can deliver those outcomes. He commented that Master Builders’ Land and Planning Policy addresses big picture issues such as the dilemma posed by Canberra’s dual identity of serving as the nation’s capital city as well as a home for many.

As the capital of a first world nation, Canberra residents have opportunities beyond the reach of Sydney or Melbourne that they are yet to fully seize. It must also be recognised that the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning processes and regulations play a crucial role in Canberra’s future and its residents’ quality of life.

Observing that the building and construction industry is crucial to the current and future prosperity of Canberra, John Miller added that the MBA is committed to showing leadership and working constructively with the ACT Government and community stakeholders in the evolution of their city.