Locker Group, the market leader in industrial and architectural mesh products has launched Meshstore, a brand new e-commerce website offering a selection of their extensive product range for sale online. The aim of Meshstore is to provide the top quality online shopping experience that people now expect from consumer brands and apply this standard to an e-commerce site for metal mesh. Customers for metal mesh products have traditionally been large industrial companies that buy regularly. To a large extent this is still true, however there is also strong interest from the other end of the market where customers might only need a small quantity of mesh for a specific one-off project. These kinds of customers have quite different needs and until now have not been as well served, Meshstore has been created to put these smaller customers’ first.

The Meshstore product range covers all styles of general purpose metal mesh sheets such as perforated metal, expanded metal, wire mesh, as well as products for specific purposes like planking or louvres. Other complimentary products such as the new Monowills Link range from Webforge, also makes an appearance. Monowills Link is a highly versatile modular railing system that can be used for safety barriers, handrails or balustrades. Mesh products are commonly used for decorative features, repairs, privacy screens, safety, security and a thousand and one other purposes. To make life easy, Meshstore allows the site visitor to filter the products based on what they want to do. Whether it’s general purpose mesh sheet for trailer repairs, decorative perforated panels for backyard privacy screening or walkway mesh for roof access, the right product should only be a click or two away. 

The types of customers which may find themselves in Meshstore are as diverse as the products offered. Meshstore is tailored to local tradespeople, handymen and even the keen hobbyist or DIY homeowner. Trades such as landscapers, shopfitters, interior designers, builders, metal fabricators, handymen and maintenance teams will all use mesh products from time to time.

 “Whilst we saw that there were a few websites out there already offering similar products, we were convinced that we could do it much better, explains Carli Barnes, Managing Executive at Webforge Locker. We already have experience with e-commerce and there was a real opportunity for us to set the standard. With Meshstore we have been able to bring an unrivaled breadth and depth of products, combined with a superior website experience that we hope will really click with our customers.”

“Buying online can offer the customer many benefits, the most obvious one being the ‘always open’ convenience of a website. Customers are not tied to business opening hours and can shop when it suits them. We also built Meshstore to be fully responsive said Mike Back, BDM at Webforge Locker. This means that the site adjusts to suit the screen size and it can be used on any device, anywhere. So location is not a problem either. Apart from accessibility, the other objective for the site was to make sure it offered a really simple and no-nonsense user experience. People are busy and we knew the site needed to be intuitive and easy to use at every stage.” 

Meshstore is open for business at and offers Australia-wide delivery or the option to clickand-collect from a local Locker branch.