Architects all over the world are incorporating retractable roofing systems into their designs to create inviting indoor-outdoor spaces that redefine the concept of aesthetic functionality. Libart is a major innovator in this field.

A prime example of kinetic architecture, retractable roofs maximise the use of outdoor spaces, making them functional in any weather or season. A sustainable design solution that combines energy efficiency and safety with outdoor space optimisation, motorised retractable roofing systems are increasingly being adopted in residential, commercial and hospitality environments to extend floor space in an affordable and visually appealing way.

Cafe and restaurant owners who understand the value of the ‘outdoor dining experience’ are adding retractable roofing systems to maximise utilisation of their outdoor spaces, provide all-weather dining services and increase revenue substantially while their patrons enjoy the view in indoor comfort.

A recent retractable glass roof installation by Libart Australia at the iconic Hotel Sorrento located on the Mornington Peninsula highlights the advantages of kinetic architectural systems in a hospitality environment. As part of the renovations on the historical hotel property, the owner sought to install a retractable glass roof as a design feature in the remodelled private dining room. Libart’s SolaGlide motorised retractable glass roofing system was specified for the project.

Libart Australia custom designed a motorised retractable glass roof to cover an area spanning 7.5 metres long and 6.1 metres wide. Sectioned into three bays with four glass panels in each bay, the aluminium and glass system was designed for 75 per cent retraction of the roof. The double glazed roof features a 31.52mm thick insulated glass unit with argon gas filling. The glass is grey tinted with the outer reflective toughened glass layer treated with a self-cleaning coating to reduce maintenance. The combination of double glazing and grey tinting delivers heat and light control to the dining space below, reducing heat gain and air conditioning loads.

The aluminium beams and support structure were powder-coated to match the sandstone finish of the building. The SolaGlide system features a three-phase motor and worm drive system completely concealed in the roof, and operated with a wall-mounted control. A rain sensor incorporated to automatically close the roof in the event of rain, completed the retractable glass roofing system at Hotel Sorrento. The entire system was engineered to comply with Australian Standards.

Architects across the world have integrated Libart’s custom designed and fabricated retractable roofing systems into their projects, maximising space utilisation and return on investment for their clients.

SolaGlide retractable roofs are part of an extended range of proven Motion in Architecture solutions from Libart comprising of retractable roofing systems, windows, doors and enclosures. Delivering the convenience of remote operation, SolaGlide retractable roofing systems can be flexibly operated to keep the roof fully closed or open, or even partially open if needed.

SolaGlide aluminium and glass retractable roofs are ideal for all outdoor areas including patios, pools, decks and terraces, creating unique, comfortable and enclosed spaces with wonderful views that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The award-winning design of Libart retractable roofing systems creates superior indoor comfort with all the freedom of the outdoors, transforming any under-utilised external area of a hospitality venue into a profitable all-season operation.

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