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    Knauf Plasterboard

    Knauf manufactures and distributes plasterboard, and associated wall and ceiling products and systems, to the Australian market through its national distribution network of Knauf PlastaMasta Centres.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are three 'Levels of Finish'. Level 4 is generally the accepted 'Level of Finish' for residential and commercial applications where flat or low sheen paints are used. Unless otherwise specified, a Level 4 Finish is the default finish for living areas. A Level 3 Finish is suitable in areas that do not require decoration, and a Level 5 Finish should be achieved where gloss or semi-gloss paints are used or where critical lighting conditions occur on flat or low sheen paints. All plasterboard installation must adhere to AS/NZS 2589:2007 Gypsum linings - Application and finishing. For more information refer to FWCIANZ Levels of Finish
    Back-blocking is the process of reinforcing wall and ceiling joints with cut-to-size pieces of plasterboard adhered across the back of the joint with MastaBlock Back-Blocking Cement or Cornice Cement such as MastaCove45. Back-blocking helps prevent joint cracking and peaking caused by building movement, especially in large ceiling areas. Back-blocking forms part of the plasterboard lining standard AS/NZS 2589:2007, and manufacturers' guarantees/warranties may be void if back-blocking has not been carried out. All back-blocking must be completed before commencing jointing. Each ‘Level of Finish’ has specific back-blocking requirements. For more information refer to Knauf’s technical literature.
    Plasterboard can be fixed to various substrates that form wall partitions, ceilings, bulkheads or ducting. Plasterboard is most commonly fixed to steel studs, timber studs or masonry for wall partitions. Plasterboard can be fixed to ceiling framing by either directly fixing to the joists or by first installing metal furring channel and then fixing the plasterboard to the furring channel. Furring channel is also used to fix plasterboard linings for suspended ceilings or as an alternate method for fixing plasterboard to masonry on walls. All methods of installation can be found in Knauf’s technical literature.
    The Australian Standard AS/NZS 2589:2007 allows three ways to fix plasterboard to steel or timber substrates. The options are screw fix only, nail fix only or a combination of either screw or nail with adhesive. The preferred method is to use screws or nails with adhesive. The nail fix only method is only suitable for a Level 3 Finish. Please refer to Knauf’s technical literature or AS/NZS 2589:2007 for correct installation details such as the spacing of fasteners and adhesive for each method and correct screw/nail type and size.
    When installed in accordance with Knauf installation guidelines, the finished surface of all Knauf plasterboard accepts most types of decorative finish: emulsion or oil based paints, stipples, enamels, textured coatings and wall papers. Matt finishes give the best appearance; gloss or sheen finishes tend to highlight any surface irregularities, as will harsh or glancing light. In order to obtain the best finish to the walls, Knauf recommends the following: Lay down the nap of any scuffed areas using MastaFinish, MastaLite or MastaGlide jointing compounds. The surface should be free of dust and other foreign matter. Ensure that the joint treatment is thoroughly dry before applying the sealer. Always seal over jointed and unjointed areas. Use roller application for paint. Overworking of sealant coat on jointed areas may cause paint to lift. Roller application applies uniform texture over the entire surface. Use only the best quality paints and other finishes. Use of sealers or undercoats that are water based is preferred to reduce the possibility of raising the paper linerboard nap. Lightly sand between coats if nap is raised. Apply finishes in strict accordance with manufacturers' instructions.

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