The Byerwen Coalmine is an open cut coalmine in Suttor, Queensland that produces 10 million tonnes of hard coking coal per year. Due to the remote location of the mine, there is an accommodation village located on site to house 300 of the mine’s workers.

Kingspan, working with the main plumbing contractor, installed a Twin BM BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant. The treatment plant provides a compact and cost-effective solution designed to service up to the 72,000 litres of wastewater produced daily.

A major requirement for the mine operator was to reduce the overall environmental impact, so the production of high quality effluent from the wastewater treatment system, with minimal energy consumption, was a very important factor. This was made possible with the Twin BM BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant, which provides a compact, cost effective and fully compliant way to effectively treat, pump and separate wastewater.

Following biological treatment, the wastewater from the site is disinfected and then pump fed to an irrigation system for disposal, meeting all the mine’s requirements and expectations.

Tested and suitable for applications of up to 300 population equivalent in a single tank and up to 1000 population equivalent in modular form, Kingspan’s BioDisc® BD-BN range is suitable for a variety of projects and has been successfully supplied around the world, including Australia, the Middle East and countless installations across Europe and Scandinavia.

Key features of the BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant are:

  • Noise-free and odourless operation
  • Fully removable lid for easy maintenance and de-sludging
  • Minimal service and maintenance levels required
  • Advanced control panel options available with telemetry monitoring for total peace of mind
  • Single piece tank design reducing time on site for system installation
  • ‘Plug and Play’ system with all system functions pre-set from the factory
  • Lowest operational and maintenance costs in its class.
  • Unique Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Technology with patented managed flow design to ensure optimum treatment efficiency at all times

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