The new Centenary Theatre will be used for a range of interactive experiences to boost visitor engagement.

“The acoustic performance of the theatre’s roof was an important consideration for the project,” explains Andrew Chippindall from Taronga Zoo. “The space was required to accommodate very high levels of audio. It is home to a 25-metre screen that will be used to show videos, and provides a versatile space for hosting various presentations and visitor activities. Given the theatre’s proximity to animal enclosures, the roof needed to limit the internal and external noise breakout and control reverberation to minimise discomfort to the animals.”

Kingspan Insulated Panels worked closely with TKD Architects to design a bespoke KingZip roofing system to meet the project’s acoustic, design and structural requirements.

“The roof of this very special building is highly visible and we realised that it was as important to find a roof system that was refined and could deliver all the technical attributes needed,” commented Alex Kibble, managing director, TKD Architects.

“We were seeking a single system that could meet the acoustic needs of the roof, while also achieving complex geometry, accommodating box gutters and providing an internal finish,” said Robin Sampson, senior graduate of architecture at TKD Architects. “Three systems were considered.

“The traditional system was discounted due to the difficulty in achieving the acoustic performance without installing a separate ceiling, as well as the complications involved in concealing the box gutters in the perimeter of the building. While both proprietary systems met the project’s technical requirements, KingZip was ultimately specified because of its exposed perforated metal trough deck aesthetic, structural span capabilities, and ability to hang services from the roof.”

KingZip was built with a 1.25mm perforated steel lining and acoustic insulation that faces into the theatre’s interior, enhancing sound absorption. An acoustic membrane and mass layers provide a barrier to assist with reducing noise breakout.

The roof also features a sound-isolated spacer system and thermal insulation to enhance thermal performance.

Designed to withstand the harsh marine influences of the harbour-side location, the top layer is constructed with aluminium standing seam panels finished in a three-coat PVDF paint system to meet durability and warranty specifications.

As a customisable roofing system, KingZip Linea 400 was adapted to meet the architect’s requirements. “The curved design of the roof reinforces the curvature of the building in plan, while also reflecting the special requirements internally. The standing seam system provided an ideal product to tie in with the vertically orientated façade treatment while also providing a minimal, clean and crisp finish which expressed the curvature of the roof,” said Mr Sampson. KingZip was curved offsite and supplied ready to install while Zoo operations continued as normal, as well as working within the tight site constraints. While the Kingpan system forms the main roof, an inset membrane lined gutter allows the roof’s over hanging eaves and bull nose, zinc edge to be expressed, while omitting rain water run-off and concealing down pipes.

A structural deck was constructed with 6-metre spans between rafters, which eliminated the need for purlins. This enclosed the building and provided a platform for roof installation, giving internal trades access to the interior and removing them from the critical path. The Membrane Lined Insulated Gutters were also recessed into the depth of the roof and supported from the deck, negating the need for cranked beams or internal purlins.

“Selecting an experienced supplier with a tested system and the technical expertise to develop and advise on detailed design elements was vital for this project. Kingspan provided a high level of service through-out the documentation stage, enabling us to develop the roof design efficiently and with no compromise to the client’s expectations,” said Mr Sampson.

Mr Chippindall said: “We are very happy with the KingZip roof. Acoustic testing has been completed and acoustically, the roof performs very well. The Zoo hosted its first movie showing during a torrential storm and the hail was almost imperceptible – which is a great result for a metal-coated roof.”

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