Kingspan Insulated Panels introduces K-Clad, a viable alternative to the traditional construction methods of non-Section J buildings.

K-Clad is a high-performing insulated metal roof system that demonstrates proven superiority over traditional construction methods in terms of speed of build, thermal performance, air tightness, weather tightness and condensation control – all in a single product that provides a finished metal internal ceiling.

Kingspan K-Clad outperforms traditional built-up systems, and is ideal for large-scale logistics and distribution buildings, as well as temperature sensitive environments such as cold storage and agricultural facilities.

Given that the Australian climate exposes buildings to direct sunlight year-round, the thermal performance of roof structures is heavily impacted, which influences the indoor environment and reduces comfort for occupants.

Thermal modelling shows that K-Clad offers a measurable 40 per cent reduction in heat gain when compared to a traditional built-up roof, resulting in a temperature decrease of more than 4.5°C. This significant reduction in temperature can directly improve the comfort levels of building occupants.

The problem of air leakage, which is also one of the biggest sources of heat loss or heat gain in buildings, has been addressed in the design of K-Clad through superior, high precision joints that create unsurpassed airtight buildings, ensuring they perform at their optimum over the life of the building.

K-Clad insulated metal roof systems use a metal lining sheet instead of the foil used in traditional roof panel systems, delivering a more robust and durable system that is also more cost effective with less steelwork required.

Overall, the K-Clad insulated metal roof system provides a viable alternative to traditional construction methods of non-Section J buildings.

K-Clad metal roof panels are available in multiple profiles, finishes, light colour options and cover widths, and can be easily integrated with traditional construction methods and building systems.