Stay at Home Mum blog founder Jody Allen was approached by InSinkErator about doing a product review on their new Evolution 100 food waste disposer.

The Evolution 100 was duly installed by InSinkErator in Jody’s kitchen. Jody’s first impression of the food waste disposer was that it was unobtrusive in the kitchen with just a tiny little chrome button sitting on the side of the sink. The pulverising unit under the sink did not occupy a lot of space with Jody still able to fit a lot of things in the cupboard.

Recalling her experience with a food waste disposer from her childhood, Jody said she was frightened by its noise then; however, the new InSinkErator Evolution 100 food waste disposer is super quiet and can hardly be heard over the running water. She is also impressed with its superfast pulverising speed.

Her concerns about the ‘blades’ in the food waste disposer were dispelled by the pulverising action of the InSinkErator Evolution 100, which doesn’t use blades.

Jody considers the InSinkErator Evolution 100 food waste disposer as an appliance that adds value to her kitchen and home. She explains that it’s a great way to get rid of half eaten cereal and a whole lot of food scraps tipped into the sink by her kids. A simple button cleans out all the scraps without any need to deal with the unpleasant task of removing the food waste by hand from the sink. Very importantly, there is no odour from the sink.

Jody recommends the InSinkErator Evolution 100 food waste disposer, especially for homes with young children.