Aren’t they dangerous?

Fact there are no blades. Lugs on a spinning plate push the food against a stationary grind ring grinding the food until it is small enough to pass through the small holes and be flushed through the plumbing.

Aren’t they just for veggie scraps?

Fact Over and above fruit and vegetable off cuts food waste disposers grind most food scraps including bones, seafood, meat products, dairy and the majority of general left overs. It should be noted that food waste disposers are designed to complement people dedicated to composting as it facilitates the disposal of bones, animal waste and other organic matter not appropriate for compost beds.

Aren’t they noisy?

Fact they were!! The technology was come a long way in the past 20 years and particularly with the Evolution Series. Anti-vibration mount, sound insulation and a sound muffling baffle at the entrance of the food disposer are only some of the advances that contribute to quieter operation.

Aren’t they water guzzlers?

Fact they use less than 1% of the average household water consumption. This is equivalent to 1 flush of the toilet per day.

Aren’t they costly to run?

Fact less than $3.50 per year in electricity

Aren’t they bad for the environment?

Fact they are a really responsible option as they not only keep food from going to land fill they help protect the environment. After being ground food waste is sent via the sewerage system to a waste water treatment system. Properly equipped facilities allow food waste to be recycled where in many instances the methane gas generated can be converted into usable energy to power homes and businesses.

Food scraps are gone instantly - They really are an essential modern convenience

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