The 3N1 Multitap from InSinkErator is yet another design innovation from Italy, combining a stylish tapware product with efficient functionality.

Much more than a stylish tap fitting in your kitchen, the 3N1 Multitap delivers steaming hot water using the Neotank, a 2.5-litre tank that helps the user save energy by allowing them to heat just the required quantity of water. Water heated up to 98°C will be delivered from the tank by the tap with 20% more energy efficiency than a kettle.

The 3N1 Multitap will also deliver regular cold and hot water, maximising the tapware’s functionality without compromising on style or benchtop space. A push-lever safety locking mechanism eliminates the risk of kitchen accidents.

InSinkErator’s 3N1 Multitap is available in a choice of three striking designs and two finishes – matt black and chrome – to suit different kitchen designs.

If you are planning a new kitchen or renovating, you can visualise the new 3N1 Multitap in your kitchen with InSinkErator’s augmented reality app.