Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies  recently introduced the Schlage CO Series, a new range of standalone electronic locks. These electronic locks provide the additional security and convenience of electronic access control without the cost or complexity associated with a networked solution.

Schlage CO electronic locks are available in manual and computer programmable configurations. The locks are battery powered and the range includes the C0-100, C0-200 and C0-250 models. They can be used in a wide range of applications for convenient offline access control of schools, healthcare facilities, plants, commercial buildings, retail outlets, and apartments.

CO-100 standalone electronic locks are manually programmable and provide an ideal solution for customers ready to upgrade from mechanical keys to personal ID codes. These electronic keypad locks are also capable of storing up to 500 unique user codes that can be easily added or deleted at the lock.

CO-200 locks can be either manually programmed or computer programmed using Schlage Utility Software. They are capable of having up to 2000 unique users that can be easily added or deleted from the lock at anytime. The lock also provides an audit trail. Security levels can include keypad only, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, or a combination card and pin. The lock can also be set to different functions, including classroom, office and privacy settings, as well as up to 32 holiday settings, 16 time zones and 16 auto lock settings.

CO-250 electronic locks include all the features of the CO-200 model, except CO-250 locks are capable of storing user rights directly on a magnetic stripe credential, offering an economic solution for applications with a high number of users. Additionally, C0-250 electronic keypad locks will accept an unlimited amount of user codes and can hold up to 4000 audit trail events in their memory.